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We feature a wide array of box sizes and styles to suit your packaging requirements... We literally have millions in stock! With over 1,000 box sizes and 10,000 packaging and industrial products, we have it all!

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Regular Slotted Cartons (RSC)

These cartons are primarily shipping and storage boxes, and always require glue, tape, or staples to close. They’re more economical than die cuts, and combine functionality with protection in a single package. To add flare to your rsc boxes, printing can be added: your company name and logo in a single color, or your own artwork in full 4 color lithographic brilliance. Now over 1000 Box Sizes in Stock!

Corrugated Mailers

Mailers are a one-piecebox with an attached, self-locking lid. Often used for CD, DVD and VHS shipping, they are ideal for promotional products for your company. Mailers lend a far more attractive and functional aspect to your product as they can be opened and re-closed without any damage to the box itself. Check out our selection!

Folding Cartons

This style of box is perfect for boxes that are intricate yet need to be able to fold into a size suitable for storage. These are great for the retail level and can be print with detailed 4 color printing and high gloss UV coatings. Some assembly is required before the box is put into use, but don’t worry, it isn’t origami! Stock Items.

Bin & Storage Containers

These open tray -type boxes are ideal for maximizing your shelf space by organizing supplies, parts, magazines and newsletters. See our selection!

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Determining the Size of Your Boxes

When ordering your box, it’s important to understand the correct way of measuring the box that you need.

Without exception, three dimensions always express the size of a corrugated cardboard box: Length, then Width, then Height (also called Depth).

These measurements refer to the inside dimensions of the box. The Length is the larger dimension of the box’s opening. The Width is the smaller dimension. The Height is perpendicular to the opening.
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